I'm Zayn Malik. I'm a patient at the Waterhouse Rehabilitation Clinic.
Trigger warning for drug addiction.


The next morning, Zayn sat on his bed, his knees pulled up to his chest with his arms wrapped around them. Now he’s had some time (more like the whole night, he didn’t sleep) to think, he was pretty sure everyone hated him by now. Niall, Perrie and Louis didn’t even have to be considered - he hurt them. But they were all closer to the other patients than he was, and Zayn figured the others have seen the bruises and asked about it. The fact that Harry didn’t spend the night in their room was also something that made Zayn worry. With a deep sigh, he got up from the bed, got dressed quickly and walked out of the room before he could even think of taking a pill.

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    Zayn could do nothing but stare after Harry pulled back from their kiss, his cheeks feeling like they were on fire and a...
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    Harry might have been hearing things but he could have sworn he heard a bit of resignation in Zayn’s voice. The little...
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    "You too, until you choked me," Louis said, standing up as he was called in to be weighed. He wasn’t going to tell on...